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About Us

Daycare Teacher wih her Kids

Philosophy  Statement

Our method of teaching is a Learning Through Play approach.  The Learning Through Play philosophy states that play stimulates physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development in the early years.


Children need time, space, materials, and the support of informed parents and thoughtful, skilled early-childhood educators. Play is a meaningful experience and tremendously satisfying for children. Play nourishes every aspect of children's development and much of this learning happens without direct teaching. It is learning that is important to the learner.


Play has an intrinsic value in childhood and long-term developmental benefits. Play helps to balance learning for individual children - the child engages at the level and intensity needed to support his or her own learning.


Little Learners Daycare wants to create an environment where children have the time and materials to learn to play that is conducive to rich, spontaneous play, and allows each child to interact in ways that enhance children's learning in play.


Little Learners Daycare is proud to offer the Canada - Alberta Affordability Grants and Subsidy Financial Programs. 


Waitlisting for September 2024 is open.


We look forward to meeting you and your Little Learners!!!

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